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Because of a bug, some customers have received a double validity period

Recently we discovered a bug in the payment registration system, so we identified cases that due to this bug, some customers received double or triple validity period, compared to the one paid.

The bug started from the doubling of the confirmation IPN (Instant Payment Notification) of the payment, which once arrived in the system, the system added twice the validity period paid in the account. It happens because of the situation in which a payment is confirmed by two or more times. We even identified cases in which customers received an additional 3 years of the validity period or customers in which the validity period was x4. In total, several customers to whom the bug manifested, received approximately 18 years of the validity period, free of charge. Now the bug has been fixed.

Thus we had to choose if we recalculate the validity period of the affected clients, subtracting from their account, the period they received due to the bug or let the difference be on us and leave the additional validity period as it is.

We have chosen not to recalculate the validity period of the affected accounts, and to leave the validity period doubled as it was registered in the account of the clients who received an additional validity period.

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