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Why is VPN WOW?

It protects your data
VPN protects the data you transmit online and helps you navigate any site, easily, anywhere and anytime safely.
For example: online payments are secure, accessing sites of interest, connecting to a public Wifi network, in a cafe.
All those who have access to these public networks cannot take information about your activity from the internet.
This network should be a necessity for people who are concerned about a safe and efficient internet browsing.
VPN can increase internet speed
The internet provider has the possibility to decrease the internet speed considerably on certain sites (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) in order to collect information about what you will do on the internet. When this happens, our internet speed slows down.
Using a VPN, it will leave the connection free and of course encrypted, and in this way, the internet speed will increase.
You can save money
VPN can help you change your IP in any country.
In this way, you can buy, for example, plane tickets at a lower price than on the Romanian IP.
You are 100% anonymous on the internet
- it secures the entire connection
- unknown identity on the internet
- security of personal information (information cards for online payments)

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