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New features on RoTunneling VPN website

We've improved the RoTunneling VPN website and launched new features that you've probably been waiting for some time.
These include:
1. We redesigned the whole registration process and managed to simplify it to a form with a few fields.
2. We gave up the trial, due to abuse.
3. We gave up the validation of the phone number via SMS.
4. We rebuilt the entire My Account and added the following:
  • Recurring payments
  • Google Pay payments
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Update personal data
  • Received Bonus statistics based on the recommendations
  • The payment system now makes discounts between 25% and 50% depending on the chosen billing period.
5. We automated the password reset procedure and you can reset it using email or username.
What functionality would you like to see on the site or in the application?

Tags: trial, vpn, bonus recommendations

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