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How to choose the right VPN Plan, SpeedTest

We always look to be closer to our clients and we do this by understanding your needs and adapting our services regarding them.
During the trial period, you can change your subscription free of charge at any time, directly from your account no matter what plan you selected when you created your account.
Thus we recommend you do a speed test on with the Terra plan, to see the maximum speed that is available to you.
After the test period, we recommend that you change the plan with a plan that matches your test result.
Also, 4 days before the account will expire, the option to change the plan is available again in your account.
The speed test after connecting to RoTunneling VPN has the highest accuracy, because the technology used by RoTunneling VPN compresses traffic, and thus speeds up the connection.
We do this strictly in your interest to help you optimize costs and choose the right speed package for your connection.
However, the test results differ depending on your computer, the RoTunneling server chosen, and the connection you make, so we recommend that you do these tests on your computer and the Internet connection you use most often!

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