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New RoTunneling VPN prices

Thank you for joining us on this journey, in which we continually sought to revolutionize our services.
Our main objective is to be able to offer the best speed of VPN, the best encryption technologies, and the best support.
We were hoping for these things for the most part. And, through the feedback you received from your permanent support, we have continually adapted ourselves and we hope that we have risen to your expectations level.
Over time, we received many appreciations from you for speed and support and thank you for that.
We know there are things you wanted and we did not implement them as we would want.
We know you've appreciated having a dedicated mobile application. Easy to use international payment methods such as PayPal. More deals as usual with other services. An easier and shorter registration method. And an interface with a more enjoyable, easier user experience.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to offer you these things at the level we would have wanted for financial reasons.
Lately, in Romania, many tax laws have changed, which hastened even more to the moment.
We have constantly sought to keep prices low and so far, we have not had any price increase since 2010.
It's been 8 years since then, our costs have increased, and we want to invest more in the quality of our services, so we announce that starting today, February 10, 2018, the new prices will be:
Little - Old price 1 euro + VAT - New price 3 euro + VAT - Subscription restrained from the current offer, and still available to old customers who continued to use our services and chose to stay on this subscription.
Big - Old price 3 euro + VAT - New price 5 euro + VAT
Omega - Old price 5 euro + VAT - New price 7 euro + VAT
Gyga - Old price 6 euro + VAT - New price 10 euro + VAT
Tera - It keeps the price of 16 euros + VAT
In the next period we plan to:
1. We're increasing compatibility with Android phones.
2. We analyze the possibility to implement an option that allows users to play in LAN through VPN.
3. Implement payment by PayPal.
Thank you for your trust in all these years, and we invite you to leave your thoughts at [email protected]
Thank you,
Bogdan Torcescu
CEO, RedShift IT SRL.

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