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OpenVPN config files and certificates has changed

For security reasons we changed our certificate authority and regenerate all of our SSL certificates from servers.

Because of that, if you are using OpenVPN you will need to redownload the configurarion files, that contain new client certificates. You can download it from our download page, at your device OpenVPN section, or from here: .


In the past we where using StartSSL CA, for our certificates, but after their CA root get revoked by Mozilla, Google and Apple, from OS and Browsers trust for a good reason ( details: here and here ) we decide to move to a new CA, that is mutch strict, and it is runned by a join effort from some of the major world wide web 'security guardians' like: Mozilla, Akamai, Cisco ( ).


We are and always will be dedicated to our clients security.


@Bogdan Torcescu, CEO RedShift IT


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